Portrait Tooling Series Pt. 4 - Coloring Hair & Skin Tones

Portrait Tooling Series Pt. 4 - Coloring Hair & Skin Tones

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 After learning how to develop a photograph into a beautifully tooled leather portrait in the prior three classes in this series, it's time to figure out how to finish it.

This video workshop, Annie Libertini demonstrates how to use different dyeing and coloring methods for finishing portraits. In the first part of the demonstration, she utilizes antiquing techniques to create sepia-toned portraits from black and white photos. The second half of the class discusses how to use color to bring a portrait to life, including variations in hair color and developing diverse skin tones on leather.

Annie Libertini is an award-winning artisan with a background in painting prior to discovering leather as an art medium. She shares some of her knowledge on color theory and painting techniques as part of this workshop. 


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