Leather Art - Volume 2 by Bob Moline

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Leather Art - Volume 2 by Bob Moline

Bob Moline is a Comanche Indian who spent his early years on ranches in West Texas. As a young man he learned the art of saddle making and earned a living for thirteen years as a saddle maker at Windy Ryon's of Fort Worth while teaching himself to be an artist.

Bob's art has sold in some of the best galleries in this country. His attention to the details of the cowboy's life is seen in all of his art and comes from spending his life immersed in the art and flavor that is the spirit of the west. 

This collection of drawings are an artist's rendition of leather carving patterns. Like those published in Volume 1, they will inspire craftsmen of every age and will challenge you to move your leather working to a higher level. It is a brilliant collection that exhibits the 6 decades of experience of Bob Moline. 

Packed with useful patterns for spur straps, wallets, notebooks, and more. This is a great collection of Texas style patterns drawn by the Texas craftsman and artist that developed the style.

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