How To Fix Dye Mistakes On Leather with Annie Libertini

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Have you ever had a spot of misplaced dye on your piece, threw your hands in the air, and declared "Guess I have to just dye the whole thing black now!"? What if there were coloring tips that could save that piece? How much time and frustration would that save?

Or have you ever gotten so excited to finish a piece that you didn't completely wait long enough for the resist to dry and you got some weird dye spots in your antiquing? Yep... we've all been there. But! There's a solution where you may not have thought there was one before.

For many leather workers coloring their work can be something to dread, since one mistake can feel like you ruined a piece many hours in the making. From covering dark dye marks to correcting color bleed-through, Annie shares techniques to help you rescue your work. This is a class every leatherworker needs in their library!

Annie Libertini started as a painter before she discovered leather, so color has always been an important part of her leatherwork. This class will be dedicated to Annie's painting and coloring techniques using water-based dyes, stains, and acrylic paints. 

This is a recording of a live, online class, so viewers benefit from both audience questions and workshop moderation.


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Products Used In This Video

Eco-Flo Waterstain - Black

Eco-Flo Hi-Lite Stain - Black

Super Shene

Acrylic paint (I am using Liquitex):

White, Burnt Sienna (or similar reddish brown), Yellow Ochre (or warm yellow), Burnt Umber (or similar dark brown).

Paint Brushes: small detail brush, 1/8” flat, 1/2” flat


Paper Towels

Misting Spray Bottle