Realeather Sheridan Style Carving Videos

Sheridan, Wyoming USA is a classic western "cow-town" and home of "Sheridan Style" carving. Founded in 1878, Sheridan became the hub of the cattle industry, horse culture, and dude ranches. Saddle making became a prosperous business.

Saddlemaker & toolmaker Don King (King's Saddlery), is recognized as having created the "Sheridan Style" of carving in the 1950's. His talent and skillful craftsmanship turned saddles, tack, and everyday items into works of art.

Today, Don's legacy lives on through his family, saddlemakers, and leather artists around the world carving the "Sheridan Style". 

The videos in this collection, produced in 2004 with legendary leather artist Chan Geer, feature instruction and insights on how to be successful with Sheridan Style tooling and making leather patterns. These digital resources are in high demand, but are available as a complimentary resource for those who have purchased the associated Realeather® kits:

Sheridan Style Tool Set I includes a promo code for Learn Sheridan Style Leather Carving by Chan Geer

Sheridan Style Tool Set II includes a promo code for Drawing Sheridan Style Patterns by Chan Geer

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