Hide Crafter Video Collection

Elktracks Studio is excited to be able to make this collection of historical videos available digitally for the first time! 

These videos were originally created by George Hurst over 20 years ago when he owned Hide Crafter Leather Co., producing them as 21st Century Leathercraft. This collection of recorded classes was taught by some outstanding leather artists, many of whom have been recipients of the Al Stohlman Award.

When Hurst was recruited to work back at Tandy Leather again, he sold the assets of Hide Crafters Leather Co. to a group including Silver Creek Leather Co., manufacturers of Realeather® Crafts and Lace.

Some of the videos remained in production for sale as DVDs, but others became collector's items and were not widely available to the leatherworking community due to the cost and limitations of production and distribution.  

Recognizing our community's need for this information, Silver Creek Leather Co. has released these videos to Elktracks Studio to convert them into digital form to make available again! Keep an eye on this page as we continually convert these videos into a downloadable format to make them available around the world. 

Note from Jim Linnell: What you are about to watch is a vital piece of our history. These videos capture invaluable lessons from some of the greats, some of whom are no longer with us. Originally produced nearly 20 years ago, and later digitized from VHS, the sharpness of the image or quality of the audio may not be quite on par with our more modern video technology. However, note that this does not in any way compromise the quality of the instruction.

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