Leather Portrait Tooling Series

Many have marveled at the award-winning leather portraits created by Annie Libertini and wondered how she was able to capture such life-like detail in leather. 

In this 5-part video series, Annie gives in-depth explanations and demonstrations about how to turn your pictures in to stunning leather portraits. Recorded with a live, online audience, many questions are answered throughout the workshop series on how to create someone's specific likeness in leather. It's one thing to make a portrait, it's another thing entirely to make a portrait that looks specifically like the subject.

With over 10 hours in total instruction, Annie discusses the technique and theory to not only understand "how" to tool these leather portraits, but also the "why" certain elements are done the way they are. Each of the first four classes offers thorough insights on creating a specific element of the image, with a fifth class serving as the culmination of skills with tooling a historic black and white portrait.

The pattern pack associated with this series is sold separately, however an automatic coupon will apply at checkout that will make it free when purchased with any of the videos in this series.

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