Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few frequently asked questions about our online classes, as well as a few trouble shooting tips for download issues.


Account Login Troubleshooting

I am not able to log into my account. I have attempted to change my password, but your system tells me my email does not exist.

Unfortunately, just having purchased from our site does not automatically create a user account. Often users will click on the person icon on the top right hand corner and try to login. When they go to reset their password and get the error message "No account found with that email." 

To resolve this, choose "Create account" from the login screen, provide your name, email address you've made previous purchases with, and create a password. 

This should create an account for you and, if the email address matches the one you previously made purchases with, you should see your purchase history there. It will typically even provide the download links there as well!


Download Issues

I'm having an issue with downloading the file from the e-mail that was sent.  What can I do to fix it?


If you are using a tablet or phone...

We've created an iOS Trouble Shooting page dedicated to different solutions around this issue.


If you are you are using an incompatible browser...

Try mixing it up and using a different browser to see if that fixes the download issue.  Some students have had issues with using Explorer or Edge, but found that downloading the file with Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox resolved the issue.


If your computer is running Windows 7 or earlier...

The Windows Media Player in Windows 7 (or earlier versions) may experience some problems playing some MP4 videos due to them being a more modern file type. Customers who have experienced this issue have found that updating to Windows 10 resolved the issue. Alternatively, you might consider an alternative video player like the VLC Media Player from VideoLAN. 

Note: Although we have not personally encountered anyone who has had any sort of security issue from downloading VLC online, always take caution when downloading files from the internet and stick to trusted sites.


If your computer is out of hard drive storage...

Our video files are often up to 5 GB (gigabytes) large, which can quickly add up, particularly on older computers.  Unfortunately there isn't much we can do to help directly with your computer issues, however we do have USB flash drives available for $20 that we could send the video files on so they aren't being downloaded directly to your computer.


When all else fails...
We recognize that sometimes there are just issues that are difficult to overcome.  Whether it's a slow download speed, your computer hard drive is full, or maybe you just want to give the video as a gift, we have USB flash drives available for sale for $20 + shipping (usually only a few bucks domestically) that can help resolve the above issues.  Please note that Jim sends these out from his shop, so it could potentially take a week or so to get it mailed out if he's out of town teaching classes.


I ordered a large number of files, however the website is not giving me download links and/or the links in the email aren't working. How do I get my files?

We've only experienced this problem a handful of times, and generally when someone tries to download hundreds of free patterns at once. If you are experiencing this problem with our free patterns, we recommend going back and checking out with smaller batches of files so that the system can process it.

In the very rare circumstance this happens with a paid order, please contact us and we will help troubleshoot this issue for you.


FAQ About Live Classes

When I pay for a live online class, will it also be available for me to reference after the event?

Yes!  All attendees of the live class will be e-mailed a coupon code to download the video for free once it is posted, typically within a week of the live class. 

Can I ask questions during the live class? 

Absolutely!  We highly encourage you to ask questions during the class.  Many people may decide to personally practice some of the techniques being demonstrated during the live classes, so we will be muting the microphones of all attendees to prevent excess noise and to ensure a clean recording. The way that you will be able to ask questions is through the text-based “chat” function available through the software during the class, in which our moderator will answer some off-topic questions and interject with Jim to have him answer the more directly relevant questions, pass along requests to further demonstrate and/or explain particular techniques more in depth, etc.

If the microphones are muted during the lesson, will I have an opportunity to talk to Jim?

Yes! We typically open the class at least 10-20 minutes prior to the start time to allow for opportunities to introduce yourself to Jim and other participants while we are finishing getting everything set up for the class.  Also, Jim will often also stick around a few minutes after the live class to get feedback and discuss ideas for future workshops.