Free Leather Pattern for Figure Carving Pt 2 - Texturing Techniques

Elktracks Studio

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This free leathercraft pattern is used in the Leather Figure Carving video series.  

This pattern is associated with the second workshop in a 3-part series that introduces the fundamentals of Figure Carving. This free leathercraft pattern is provided so that students can work along as Jim Linnell carves these figures. 

For the first work-along class, you will learn to apply the basics from the first workshop and add texturing techniques in the creation of a buffalo portrait. This class will add a good bit of instruction on texturing, introducing several different types of hair, as well as the development of horns.

Even those who have done some Figure Carving in the past will find value in this series as it will offer insights and feedback on proper techniques and good habits. 

Jim Linnell is a Stohlman Award winning leatherworking instructor who has dedicated his life to the advancement of the art form and the preservation of its history. 

The instructional video for this pattern is available at