Figure Carving Tutorials

Leather figure carving is often one of the more awe-inspiring types of leatherwork. These step-by-step video workshops demystify the process of creating life-like animals with depth and texture.

The measure of a teacher isn’t by their work, but rather the work of their students. We are continually blown away by the results we see from students who take these classes. Each of the leathercraft classes in this continually growing collection of video workshops demonstrates how to effectively create animal portraits in leather.

For those wanting to start with a foundation, we have a 3-part series that introduces the fundamentals of figure carving. For those wanting to jump right in, each video demonstrates the skills needed to be successful. 

Even leather carvers who have done some Figure Carving in the past have found value in this series as it offers insights and feedback on proper techniques and good habits.  Jim Linnell is an Al Stohlman Award winning leather instructor who has dedicated his life to the advancement of the art form and the preservation of its history.

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