Leather Figure Carving the Rocky Mountain Elk

Leather Figure Carving the Rocky Mountain Elk

Elktracks Studio

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In this class, students learn to carve the majestic Rocky Mountain Elk. In addition to learning basic figure carving techniques, students will also learn the variety of techniques used to create the various hair textures on this magnificent animal.

The antlers alone can be a challenge to get formed and textured correctly, but these techniques will be shown as well. Doing the eyes, nose, mouth, ears and other features cleanly is what gives the character to this carving.

Join Jim Linnell in this recording of an online class to see if you can take your figure carving skill up to the next level.

Jim Linnell is a Stohlman Award winning leatherworking instructor who has dedicated his life to the advancement of the art form and the preservation of its history.

The free pattern for this carving is available at https://elktracksstudio.com/collections/free-patterns/products/rocky-mountain-elk-free-leathercraft-pattern