Drawing Corner Patterns with Jim Linnell

Drawing Corner Patterns with Jim Linnell

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About This Video

If drawing your own floral patterns is one of the top leatherworking challenges on your list, then you will not want to miss this workshop with Jim Linnell.

In this workshop, Jim focuses on corner patterns: how to start them, ways to develop them, and even how to tackle non-traditional corners. He demonstrates how corner patterns can be used on a huge variety of projects, such as wallets, notebooks, roper wallets, bags, and more.

Additionally, Jim will shares a few of the tools that he uses that "cheat", making it possible for leather workers to create their own corner patterns.

This is a recording of a live, online class, so viewers benefit from both audience questions and workshop moderation.


Pattern Associated With This Class

 Drawing Corner Patterns Templates with Jim Linnell


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