Leathercraft Basics with Jim Linnell (free video)

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About This Video

A commonly searched question online is "how to start leatherworking". You can find a number of different answers to this question, however many well-intended leathercraft lecturers may unintentionally get you started with some bad habits that can be hard to over come as you grow in your leatherwork. 

We've put together this leather project for beginners using the Basic 7 set of Tandy Leather tools as a free resource to help you get started learning correctly. The step-by-step video is accompanied by a complementary leather pattern featuring images of each completed phase of the leather tooling.

This serves as a beginner leatherworking project and can be repeated for practice to refine your skill. Even those who have been tooling leather for years can find value in refreshing their essential skills. This video will walk you through all of the fundamentals of using the basic stamping tools that come with every beginner leatherworking kit.


Free Pattern Associated With This Class

Leather Tooling Pattern for Beginners

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