How To Tool Leather

It’s often said that leatherworking consists of two hobbies: tooling leather and collecting leather tools. These videos will show you how to effectively use those leather working tools you’ve collected.

These video tutorials walk through all the need-to-know information about leather tooling. Nothing substitutes for practice, however many students have told us that they could see improvement in their leather projects almost immediately. So many of us have been self-taught, or perhaps taught wrong, that we’ve developed bad habits we aren’t even aware are bad habits; you don’t know what you don’t know. 

These videos won’t show you anything fancy, however even the most veteran leather crafter will find value in revisiting basic leather working skills. We’ve had students who have been hand tooling leather for decades report that it was worth the value of the class just for one or two of the gems of wisdom packed into these two hour workshops.

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