4 Strand Braiding with Sheryl Katzke

4 Strand Braiding with Sheryl Katzke

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4 strand braiding is not only beautiful, but one of the most versatile braiding skills you could hope to master. Although there are a few videos floating around online, none of them quite go into enough detail to be helpful and it can be easy to get frustrated.

Sheryl Katzke is an award-winning braider, having won multiple blue ribbons at both Sheridan and the annual Guild show. She also is a contributor to the Leather Crafter and Saddlers Journal, as well as regularly teaching braiding classes at the show in Sheridan.

In this 2-hour class, Sheryl shares insights and techniques to find success with 4-strand leather braiding. Additionally, students of this class learn her preparation process for clean results and efficiency, as well as sharing in discussion on the wide variety of applications and projects this style of braiding can be used for.


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