Extreme Leather Embossing: Pine Cones

Extreme Leather Embossing: Pine Cones

Elktracks Studio

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Finally, there is a professionally produced leather working course that teaches a beginner how the extreme embossing techniques are actually done. Many have marveled at the amount of three dimension that can be achieved with extreme embossing techniques. While the result look impressive, it might seem intimidating to try.

In this video, Jim Linnell will walk you through how this is done. He carefully and thoroughly explains every step that is taken to produce this type of unique leather art. You will learn the carving, embossing, and coloring techniques used to create a very life-like 3-D leather picture of pine cones. The instruction in this video is shot very close up and in HD from multiple different angles so that you can always see what Jim's tools are doing.

If you are someone who wants to learn about leather embossing to break past your personal limitations in leatherworking, this video will give you the understanding and confidence to try.

Jim Linnell is a Stohlman Award winning leatherworking instructor who has dedicated his life to the advancement of the art form and the preservation of its history.

The free pattern for this carving is available at https://elktracksstudio.com/collections/free-patterns/products/leathercraft-pattern-for-embossing-leather-pine-cones