Leather Figure Carving the Great Horned Owl

Leather Figure Carving the Great Horned Owl

Elktracks Studio

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Creating realistic leather animal carvings can be mystifying to even the most experience craftsman.  In this workshop, Jim Linnell walks through how to create the majestic great horned owl.  Throughout the two hour class, Linnell reviews some of the basic skills used in figure carving as well as introducing some of the more advanced techniques used in creating feather textures, producing realistic eyes, and mastering the contours of this popular bird.  

Jim Linnell is a Stohlman Award winning leatherworking instructor who has dedicated his life to the advancement of the art form and the preservation of its history.

The pattern for this video is available at https://elktracksstudio.com/collections/patterns/products/owl-figure-carving-pattern-by-jim-linnell

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