Al Gould - 2009 Al Stohlman Award Winner

2009 Al Stohlman Award for Achievement in Leatherwork

This year’s Al Stohlman Award was given to Master Saddle Maker and teacher, Al Gould of Clovis, California.  The award presentation, along with a check for $1,000, took place at the Rocky Mountain Leather Trade Show’s Award Reception in the Historic Sheridan Inn, Sheridan, Wyoming.

Al’s leatherworking background started back when he was in the 3rd grade and his grandmother gave him his first set of leather tools.  Early attempts of tooling were, in his words, “awful.”

However, being a very determined person, he continued to progress until his work started to look, in his words again, “pretty good.”

He now admits, looking back to those days, his work was still pretty awful.

Much time has passed since those days and today his leather projects show his excellent artistry and ability.

His teaching record is outstanding, having done seven years of teaching at Saddle Week in Sheridan, Wyoming and three years of the same class at Wickenburg, Arizona.  He wrote the curriculum for classes held during these week-long venues, served as coordinator and even had time to teach other classes during these shows.  Al has also taught at other events including shows sponsored by the Colorado Saddle Maker’s Association.

The willingness shown to pass on his knowledge to persons of all levels – beginners to advanced – exemplifies what Al Stohlman considered the most important requirement necessary for a person to receive this honor.

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