Chan Geer - 2005 Al Stohlman Award Winner

Chan Geer Receives 2005 Al Stohlman Award for Achievement in Leather Craft

Once again it was a distinct honor and a pleasure to present the Al Stohlman Award for Achievement in Leathercraft.  Even though both Al and Ann are departed from us, it seems as if the honor is even greater, for we are upholding Al and Ann’s request in the handling of their award even though they are not here to observe the proceedings.

The Al Stohlman Award, established in 1983, was and is bestowed on leatherworkers who have shown by their life’s example of working with leather to have, in some way, advanced the industry with which we have to do.  It has become the world’s most recognized leather achievement award for it is the most prestigious and notable award at this time in history.  It is the highest level of recognition which can be given.  One of the most noticeable reasons is that the Award is given by one’s peirs.  That is to say, a series of five judges are given all the portfolios for their examination and are judged against 5 departments, each with a number sequence to arrive at a total.  The totals of all five judges are tallied to find the highest number and then our recipient is determined.

Therefore, each year this award is presented to a person or team who has shown by example of their life’s work with leather.  They are eager to freely share their knowledge of leatherwork with others.  This does not mean they cannot be paid for teaching, but freely does me, all possible knowledge is given, no holdbacks, as Bill Gomer would insist, “no secrets.”

Al Stohlman, upon serving in the Pacific War, returned to apprentice under Guy Lauderbach, Saddlemaker, then on his own and with Ann, produced over 40 leatherworking books, hundreds of papers, crafted over 1,100 saddles and thousands of pieces of leather art and crafts, invented a large number of the stamps that are still used today, and countless other works of leather, is the example and life of Al Stohlman lending his name to this award. 

As we are recognizing both the Ann and Al Stohlman Awards tonight, and within my heart as with so many others, Al & Ann are here in spirit.  So it is with high honor that Dottie and I represent the house of Stohlman in bestowing this Al Stohlman Award for Achievement in Leatherwork for 2005 to Chan Geer.

Along with the coveted medallion, many of our exhibitors, and some individuals, have made cash contritubitions for this grant from the Al & Ann Stohlman Award Foundation, we have a check for you for $1,000.

"Chan Geer Receives 2005 Al Stohlman Award for Achievement in Leather Craft". Leather Crafters & Saddlers Journal  July/August 2007: p 42-43. Print.


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