Cherryl McIntyre - 2008 Al Stohlman Award Winner

International Artist Receives 2008 Al Stohlman Award for Achievement in Leathercraft

Cherryl McIntyre of Brisbane, Australia is the 2008 recipient of the International Al Stohlman Award, which recognizes one annually for devoting time and energy to promoting the art of working with leather, mainly through teaching.

The award was presented along with a certificated and grant check for $1,000 at the yearly Rocky Mountain Leather Trade Show during the Saturday night banquet, held in the Sheridan Center in Sheridan, Wyoming, May 17, 2008.

Over the last 34 years, Ms. McIntyre has vigorously taught and encouraged leathercraft.  She is a consultant and teacher throughout Queensland, New South Wales and all corners of Australia; organized and conducted workshops including six Dimensions in Leather, which are week-long teaching conferences in Brisbane; Cherryl McIntyre taught all levels of the craft from beginners to advanced to children, adults, hospital patients, correctional facility inmates, businesses and institutions.

This well-deserved award is the zenith one since having received over 40 awards for Leather work in Australia, including the Priority Community Area Program Award for sharing her skills and knowledge with remote area children.

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