Creative Dyeing Techniques with Sheryl Katzke

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About This Video

In this class, Sheryl Katzke demonstrates 3 different dyeing and coloring methods without using traditional leather dyes, most of which are done using household items.

The techniques include Tie-Dye, Marbleizing, and creating effects using different color pigments, as well as a few new ideas for creating Resist effects. This is a fun class for kids as well as adults!

This is a recording of a live video, so viewers can benefit from audience questions, as well as workshop moderation by Annie Libertini


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1 hour and 50 minutes; 2.79 GB

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Materials Used In This Workshop

2-4 oz veg-tanned leather

3 Aluminum trays

3 Wire racks

Shaving cream

Food color, assorted, bright colors

Kool-aid, unsweetened, bright flavors/colors

Liquid Rit Dye, 4-5 assorted bright colors

Small dowel

Scraper or spatula

Salt and pepper shakers, or plastic spoons

Spray bottle with water

Eye droppers

Rubber bands