Free Leathercraft Pattern for Figure Carving Dragons

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About This Pattern

This pattern is used for the dragon figure carving workshop, where Jim Linnell moves beyond traditional animals to creatures of myth and magic. With such a wide variety of dragon styles, carving them in leather can be done many different ways. 

The possibilities for how to use these skills for carving dragons in leather are endless, including making unique armor pieces, stunning jewelry, masquerade masks, decorative handbags, or create a decorative piece to hang on your wall. 

In this class, Jim focuses on creating the different textures and features that are on most dragons, such as techniques for creating wings, horns, scales, feet, claws, eyes and other elements that are part of most dragons. 

Jim Linnell is a Stohlman Award winning leatherworking instructor who has dedicated his life to the advancement of the art form and the preservation of its history.

This pattern was originally created to be used with the video workshop Dragon Figure Carving. We’d love to see what you make from it in our online Facebook group Elktracks Studio Creations.

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Dragon Figure Carving Workshop 


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