Free Pattern for Beach Pictorial Carving

Free Pattern for Beach Pictorial Carving

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About This Pattern

One of the beauties of pictorial carving is that it can take a photograph and turn it into a piece of art. For pictures from family vacations, whether something you make for yourself or a commission, these often become family heirlooms that capture a memory of time spent together. 

In the workshop associated with this pattern, Jim Linnell shares techniques for creating palm trees, crashing ocean waves, rocky landscapes, sand, and more. For anyone who enjoys pictorial carving, this is a unique collection of skills that can be applied to any number of other projects.

This free leathercraft pattern is provided so that students can work along as Jim Linnell carves these figures. Throughout this and our other pictorial classes, Jim Linnell will guide you through the different elements that make up some of the more popular Pictorial Carving styles to increase your confidence in pushing your leatherwork further.


Video Associated With This Pattern

Beach Pictorial Carving with Jim Linnell


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