Realistic Textures: Figure Carving an Elephant with Kathy Flanagan

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Stohlman award-winning artist Kathy Flanagan is internationally renowned for the life-like realism that she creates with figure carving and painting. She's taught workshops all over the world and is joining our roster of online instructors at Elktracks Studio.

In this first workshop, Kathy demonstrates the carving techniques used to create shockingly realistic textures that you would see on an elephant. She shares how to create the skin, the wrinkles, and the natural creasing that occurs in these beautiful animals through carving, tooling, and shading. Additionally, she shows how to create eyes that seemingly bring the animal to life.

Part two of this workshop series reviews some refinement of the carving process before painting the elephant portrait with beautiful realism. 

This is a recording of a live, online class, so viewers benefit from both audience questions and workshop moderation.


Pattern Associated With This Class

Elephant Pattern by Kathy Flanagan


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