Free Pattern for Making Leather Valentine's Day Cards

Free Pattern for Making Leather Valentine's Day Cards

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About This Pattern

Al Stohlman was known for creating unique, leather cards for Ann for Valentines, their anniversary, and other special occasions. Although paper cards can have a nice sentiment, they often aren't kept very long. Learn how to create your own leather Valentines Day card with the workshop associated with this pattern from Jim Linnell. 

In that workhop, Jim demonstrates a few different heart patterns he created that were not included in that pack as well as how to assemble a leather Valentines Day card. The class includes technique tips on inverted carving, swivel knife finesse, beveling, some light Western floral, and much more. It's a great class with broad insights that results in an awesome, unique gift that the recipient will likely cherish forever. 

This pattern was originally created to be used with the video workshop Making Leather Valentine's Day Cards. We’d love to see what you make from it in our online Facebook group Elktracks Studio Creations.

Video Associated With This Pattern

Making Leather Valentine's Day Cards with Jim Linnell


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