Portrait Tooling Series Pt. 5 - Hupa Woman Portrait

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In this final video in the Portrait Tooling Series, leather artisan, Annie Libertini, demonstrates how all of the lessons learned in the previous four classes come together to create a life-like portrait from the "Hupa Woman, 1923" photograph by Edward Curtis. 

Important Note: This video is the culmination of skills learned in the previous 4 classes in this series. Although Annie does explain what she is doing while she demonstrates, this video workshop does not cover the "why" behind the technique and frequently references other videos in the series. If you are only interested in tooling the Hupa Woman image, you may still be able to effectively complete this project as portrait carving is discussed at a high level, although the results will likely not be as precise without the prior knowledge learned in the series.

This is a recording of a live, online class, so viewers benefit from both audience questions and workshop moderation.

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