Swivel Knife Finesse Patterns by Jim Linnell

Swivel Knife Finesse Patterns by Jim Linnell

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About This Pattern

The patterns contained within this set are used to demonstrate swivel knife finesse techniques in one of Jim Linnell's most popular video workshops.

This pattern was originally created to be used with the video workshop Swivel Knife Finesse. We’d love to see what you make from it in our online Facebook group Elktracks Studio Creations.


Videos Associated With This Pattern

Swivel Knife Finesse with Jim Linnell

Leathercraft Basics with Jim Linnell

Beyond the Basics with Jim Linnell

Freehand Swivel Knife Designs with Jim Linnell


Digital Download or USB

All of our patterns are offered in a downloadable PDF format. If you would like to be mailed a USB with your video(s) and patterns on it, add a USB Flashdrive to your shopping cart. Check out our FAQ Page for general download troubleshooting.