White Tail Habitat Pattern by Robb Barr

White Tail Habitat Pattern by Robb Barr

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About This Pattern

Warning: This project is not for the faint of heart and may very well be the most complex project currently in the Elktracks collection. The results are stunning, but this is definitely what we would consider an "advanced" class.

Originally produced by George Hurst in the 90s, this video tutorial associated with this pattern offers a full tutorial on how to create a full three-dimensional scene. The project is created from 4 different pieces of leather with the intention of being mounted in a shadow box. 

The pattern provided is 8.5 x 11, however will need to be enlarged to roughly 170% if you intend to create the same size piece that Barr does in the video.

This pattern is associated with the video workshop White Tail Habitat by Robb Barr. We’d love to see what you make from it in our online Facebook group Elktracks Studio Creations.


Video Associated With This Class

Extreme Embossing: White Tail Habitat by Robb Barr


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