Fundamentals of Leather Carving - Home Study Course

The art of leather carving has been a part of our history and culture since the earliest days of mankind. Historically, these skills have been passed from the master to the novice who started as an apprentice. Often these skills stayed within families and was often quite guarded and rarely shared outside of these circles. The 20th century saw these traditions begin to change and by the 1950’s, leathercraft became a very popular hobby. Supplies and instruction became readily available through craft stores that were being created and leather carving grew as a hobby.

Jumping forward to the second decade of the 21st century, we find ourselves in the age of the internet with new questions being asked about how someone can learn these skills today. Having a convenient craft store nearby where classes are taught is not an option for most people. Even when you can find such classes, how knowledgeable and experienced your instructor is can be a concern. To fill this void and to ensure that the great art of leather working is carried forward to enrich future generations, the Elktracks Studio Home Study Course has been created.

Utilizing technology, knowledge that you would have once had to gain through an apprentice program in some workshop, can be learned at your home on your schedule. In this course on the Fundamentals of Leather Carving, you will receive detailed instruction on the most important techniques and skills you need to open the world of leather carving to you. You will be receiving this instruction from Al Stohlman Award recipient, Jim Linnell. Jim is a Master Leather Craftsman that has practiced this craft for over 50 years. There are tens of thousands of leather workers today that are enjoying leather working because of the instruction they have received from Jim. You will be learning from someone that not only knows what they are talking about, but has a genuine passion for leather carving. This will come through loud and clear in each of the lessons.

In the 7 video lessons in this course, Jim will not only show you what to do, but he will also explain to you why these techniques are important.  After each video lesson, you need to put these skills to use. The exercises that go with each lesson will help make this knowledge yours. You will hear Jim say many times that you need to practice, practice, practice…, and on the following pages you will see the exercises he wants you to work on.

Once you have completed the exercises for each lesson, we want to see it. A special email address has been set up for you to email a scan or a photo of your leather work. It will be examined and an evaluation will be made on your progress which will be sent back to you. We want to make sure you are understanding what you are learning so we will give you feedback.

Once you have completed all of the lessons, submitted your exercises for evaluation, and have shown that you have grasped these most important Fundamentals of Leather Carving, an attractive certificate signed by your instructor, Jim Linnell, will be sent to you to proudly display in your workshop.

Normally the videos and instruction package would cost $270 individually, however we've created a package deal that will give you everything on this page for $200 when purchased together.

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