Learn Sheridan Style Leather Carving with Chan Geer

Learn Sheridan Style Leather Carving with Chan Geer

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Many fans of the Western floral style associate the aesthetic with the "Sheridan Style" of carving. The balance and geometry of this regional style make it very pleasing to the eye and fun to design.

Founded in 1878, Sheridan became the hub of the cattle industry, horse culture, and dude ranches. Saddlemaker Don King (King's Saddlery), is recognized as having created the "Sheridan Style" of carving as far back as the 1950's. 

This video by Chan Geer demonstrates how to use the downloadable patterns to draw your own Sheridan style patterns!

Note: If looking for Sheridan style tools to help get you started, the Sheridan Style Tool Set I from Realeather® includes a free promo code for this video.


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Sheridan Style Carving Tips with Chan Geer


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