Montana Inspired Western Floral Workshop with Jim Linnell

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Although there is not technically a "Montana Style" established in the world of Western floral carving, Montana and the northern territories had a substantial impact on the development of modern styles. Many of the early cattle drives ended up North, so cowboys often purchased saddles there with their newfound wealth.

After a trip to Montana in 2021 (the state where Jim was born), he had the opportunity to more closely inspect some of the historical pieces developed locally and created a pattern inspired by their designs.

In this class, Jim Linnell demonstrates the carving and style of floral elements you may not have seen before while discussing the role of Frank Meanea, Miles City Saddlery, Ken Griffin, F.O. Baird, and their role in the development of the craft. Half history lesson, half floral carving workshop, this is a class unlike you'll get anywhere else.

For many, the biggest take-away from this class is the confidence and inspiration to adapt and evolve historical Western floral designs into modern works of leather art.

This is a recording of a live, online class, so viewers benefit from both audience questions and workshop moderation.


Patterns Associated With This Class

Montana Inspired Western Floral pattern by Jim Linnell


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