Free Leathercraft Patterns

At Elktracks Studio, our mission is to preserve and advance the art of leatherwork. Providing free leathercraft patterns to our global community of leatherworkers is just one of the ways that we do that. 

We hope that you'll look through the collection of over 150 different leather patterns and find something that interests you... and maybe something that challenges you. We'd love to see what you make in our online Facebook group Elktracks Studio Creations

Many of the patterns in this collection were created to go with the downloadable leathercraft workshops available under the Instructional Videos tab on our website. We welcome you to download as many of our free patterns as you'd like, however, we also encourage you to check out a video or two to get expert leathercraft instruction to refine your skills. 

We've even made our Leathercraft Basics with Jim Linnell video available for free to help get you started. We are driven by a community of passionate and enthusiastic leatherworkers and we can't wait for you to join us.

Important Note: We encourage you to download as many of the free patterns as you'd like, however note that when you start getting larger batches of 20+ files, it can cause some users not receive the download link. To avoid this, generally we advise going through the "check out" process in multiple, smaller batches of files.

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