Meet Jim Linnell

Jim Linnell is a Leather Craftsman who has dedicated much of his life to the promotion of leather working as an art form.

What is Elktracks Studio?

Elktracks Studio is dedicated to the promotion and preservation of the leatherworking industry through leathercraft classes, interviews, and the sharing of leather history.

Jim Linnell has spent the last 50 years developing his passion for artistry of leathercraft.  After retiring from nearly 40 years with Tandy Leather, Linnell has committed his time to helping teach others.  Whether you are a master craftsman or just starting out with your first beginner leathercraft kit, Elktracks has something for you.  Learn leatherworking with an award-winning leather artisan through leathercraft videos on swivel knife finesse, figure carving, dyeing, and more.  Leather pattern packs are available for the more advanced craftsman, however there are also free leatherworking patterns and leathercraft tips for beginners. 


Jim is an awesome teacher! He is patient with his students and thorough in explaining difficult concepts to grasp.

Clint Manning

Top of the line craftsman & top of the line man. I don't know how he does it time after time.

Arthur Parramoure

Jim is so excited to share his erudition of leather with all of his students. Thank you Jim! I can't wait to take another class.

Dian Allred Sierra